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Open Trails™

Open Trails™ is the hiking guide for the 21st century. From one perspective it is a platform for storing, searching, managing, and annotating the world's hiking trails. From another it is a digital hiking guide, with customized trail information for each user and client support for all major mobile and web platforms.

The heart of Open Trails™ is high-quality positional data coupled with metadata and media - descriptions, journals, pictures, videos, etc. This data forms the basis for exciting end-user applications like customized trail guide apps, trail finder and recommendation services, and social tools for hikers.

By bringing all of the the world's trails into a single service, Open Trails™ makes it possible for hikers to plan and explore in a truly global sense. At the same time, by providing a brandable platform Open Trails™ can also power regional hiking services, making them more robust, easier to develop, and more powerful.

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