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Lazy Transducer Evaluation

In the previous article in this series on transducers we looked at transducers which push more items downstream through the reducer chain than they receive from upstream. We promised that this would make lazy evaluation of transducer chains quite interesting. When used with our transduce() function, our mapping and filtering transducers are in some ways […]

Item Injecting Transducers

In the previous article in our series on understanding transducers through Python we showed how to support early termination of a reduction operation. This time, we’ll demonstrate how transducers can produce more items than they consume. Although this may seem obvious, it leads to some important consequences for implementing lazy evaluation of transducers, which is […]

Terminating Transducers

In the previous article in this series on transducers, we showed how to implement stateful transducers, and how to deal with any left-over state or other clean-up operations when the reduction operation is complete. Sometimes, however, there is no need to process a whole series of items in order to produce the final result. For […]

Stateful Transducers

In the previous article in this series on transducers we saw how we can develop the notion of the transducer from a single function which literally transforms reducers to a more capable protocol which supports two further capabilities: First of all, the association of initial ‘seed’ values with a reduction operation, and secondly the opportunity […]

Enriching the Transducer Protocol

In the previous article in the series we looked at improving the experience of composing transducers together in Python, by introducing a compose() function. We finished by showing this snippet, which composes a filtering transducer with a mapping transducer to produce a prime-squaring transducer. Recalling that transducers are used to transform-reducers, we pass an appending […]

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