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Software Architecture

We take a practical approach to software architecture, where skillful development, high-level design, and business goals combine to produce the software you need. We're experienced in identifying risks and balancing conflicting needs to get a good balance of software qualities and timely delivery. We have worked on projects ranging from successful greenfield architectures to formidable architectural "recovery" efforts.

  • Architecture reviews to engage stakeholders and mitigate risks.
  • Analysis and definition of architecture for firm foundations.
  • Communicate designs to align teams and stakeholders.

Custom Software Development

Starting with your ideas and ending with a delivered system, we can handle every phase of the software development process, working closely with you throughout to ensure that you get software to truly meet you needs. We have worked on a broad spectrum of software, and we emphasize simple, effective designs where tests and documentation are integral parts of the systems. Our goal is to deliver value to your business through high-quality software.

  • Custom software development, from concept to delivered system.
  • Feedback-driven approach to maximize customer value.
  • Deep experience in highly technical and scientific domains.

Contract Software Development

We will work side-by-side with your team, augmenting your development capacity in whatever way you need, on systems of any size or complexity. We pride ourselves in being full-stack developers comfortable in both server-side or front-end work. We have a number of technical specialties, but we can also quickly be effective with almost any technology. We've operated successfully in both agile and traditional project management environments. Above all, we're fast learners.

  • Short- or long-term engagements, full- or part-time.
  • Language specialties include C++, Python, C#, F#, and Clojure.
  • Other expertise includes software architecture, domain-driven design, legacy systems, event sourcing, and review/inspection.

Geocomputing for Oil & Gas

Our 15 years of experience includes leading roles in the development of some of the most sophisticated software in the oil industry. We understand the science and technology of exploration and production, and we know how the industry works. We've applied ourselves to significant Domain Driven Design (DDD), computational geometry and data management issues with excellent results.

  • Domain Driven Design tailored for oil and gas contexts.
  • Algorithm development for geometric or spatial problems.
  • Plugin development for platforms such as Petrel-Ocean or Gocad.

G&G Software Procurement

Our history in senior software architecture roles for geology and geophysics software vendors could make us valuable members of your negotiating team. We can help you work with vendors to communicate your tactical or strategic needs in a way more likely to lead to satisfactory project outcomes. Having an experienced petrotechnical software insider on your side of the table could make all the difference.

  • Negotiate software qualities and formulate requirements.
  • Advice on integration and enterprise architecture.
  • Representation on technical software standards bodies.

We absolutely love our work, we work with passion and eagerness.

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