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The Python Apprentice

This book teaches the basics of the Python programming language. It's primarily designed for people with experience in other languages, but it can be used by anyone with enough drive.

The Python Journeyman

This builds upon "The Python Apprentice" with a look at more advanced Python topics that will help you really leverage the full elegance and power of the language.

The Python Master

The last in our series of Python books, this takes a look under the hood at some advanced topics in Python. If you really want to know how Python works, this is the book for you.

The Python Craftsman

This bundle includes all three of the books in our Python series.


Mouse vs. Python


Rob talks with Mike Driscoll about his programming journey, starting companies, automating video production, and the joys of ensemble programming.

Talk Python


Austin talks with Michael Kennedy about Cosmic Ray, Sixty North's mutation testing tool for Python.

Developer on Fire


Austin talks with Dave Rael about growing as a professional and software developer, listening to understand the needs of clients, and exciting new projects.

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