Performance Python

Led by a developer with over a decade of Python experience.

Is this the course for you?

This class is designed for students who are already comfortable with the Python language and who want to learn how to maximize performance. In Python, performance is often a secondary concern to concerns like readability, productivity, and maintainability, but this does not mean that Python needs to be slow. In this one day course, students will learn to identify where they need performance and how to increase performance in these “hot spots”.

  • We start immediately with working programs.
  • Testing is integral to our approach.
  • Taught on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.
  • Knowledge level of Python for Programmers course is assumed


  • Profiling and performance analysis
  • Idioms and patterns to follow and avoid
  • How to avoid memory copies
  • Techniques for parallelism and taking advantage of multiple cores
  • Calling into C or C++ code
  • Using tools like Cython to speed up Python
  • Techniques and tools for speeding up numerical processing

Concrete Experience. Reflective Observation. Abstract Conceptualisation. Active Experimentation.

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