Python for Scientists

Led by a scientist with over a decade of Python experience.

Is this the course for you?

This two day course is aimed at scientists with some Python experience looking to efficiently solve problems or experienced developers who need to be effective in scientific domains. At the end of this course students will be able to confidently analyse large volumes of scientific observations, build numerical simulations to test models, and produce beautiful publication quality charts and plots. All while using the elegance of Python to construct correct and maintainable programs that can be shared with colleagues.

  • We start immediately with working programs.
  • Testing is integral to our approach.
  • Taught on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.
  • Knowledge level of Python for Programmers course is assumed
  • Good grounding for our Python for Geoscientists course.


  • Numeric data types and tools (Numpy & SciPy)
  • Reading and writing scientific data
  • Charting and visualisation
  • Statistical analysis tools
  • Time series and image processing
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Linear algebra
  • Physical simulation
  • Machine learning for pattern matching

Concrete Experience. Reflective Observation. Abstract Conceptualisation. Active Experimentation.

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