Advanced Python

Led by a developer with over a decade of Python experience.

Is this the course for you?

This two day course is designed for developers who already have significant knowledge of Python. This course will delve into fascinating corners of Python, introducing students to details of Python’s internals as well as deepening their understanding of familiar territory. There are a lot of advanced topics in Python, and this course can be customized based on need.

  • We start immediately with working programs.
  • Testing is integral to our approach.
  • Taught on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.
  • Knowledge level of Python Properly course is assumed


  • Advanced flow control
  • Byte-oriented programming
  • Object internals and custom attributes
  • Descriptors and slots
  • Metaclasses and class decorators
  • Abstract base classes
  • The numeric tower and conversions
  • Numeric operators in depth
  • Advanced collections
  • Coroutines and advanced generators
  • The import system
  • Going from source code to execution
  • Publishing to the Python Package Index

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