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Current course offerings

Most of our training can be run both in-person and remotely. Contact us for more details.

Python Core Language Series

Python for Programmers

4x4 (16 hours in 4 sessions)

The first course in our series on the core Python language

The essentials of Python

Get up to speed quickly

Python Properly

4x4 (16 hours in 4 sessions)

The second course in our series on the core Python language

Beyond the fundamentals

Techniques for larger systems

Advanced Python

4x4 (16 hours in 4 sessions)

The third course in our series on the core Python language

A deep dive into Python

Under the hood

Topics in Python

DDD Patterns in Python

4x4 (16 hours in 4 sessions)

Learn how to apply Domain-Driven Design in a dynamic language

Science and Data Analysis in Python

4x4 (16 hours in 4 sessions)

Learn the essential scientific computing and data analysis packages in Python

Python: Beyond Scripting

2x4 (8 hours in 2 sessions)

Learn techniques and practices for building maintainable, reusable systems in Python.

Other courses

Software Architecture for Developers

2 days

Pragmatic software architecture

Articulate the big picture

Effective sketches

Our Approach to Training

Expect to get your hands dirty! We work with realistic examples that help you gain knowledge and practice techniques applicable to building substantive applications. On the programming courses you'll be writing code with tests and on the design and architecture courses you'll be designing systems from real requirements under plausible constraints.

  • Testing is integral to our approach.
  • We encourage maintainability over cleverness.
  • Course leaders have over two decades of experience.

In-Person and Remote Training

Most of our courses can be run both in-person and remotely. To discuss the details of either approach, please contact us.

Public and Private Training Events

We are based in Norway, but we run our courses worldwide. We can hold training in Scandinavia, throughout Europe, or almost anywhere in the world that you want.

You can book us for private training events that we can deliver on your premises. We can accommodate up to 12 attendees on programming courses or 16 on non-programming courses.

We also regularly run public training events in various locations for which individuals or larger groups can sign up. Contact us directly or follow us on Twitter for details.

  • We can tailor private events to your requirements.
  • Assemble longer training programmes from individual courses.
  • We're able to license our training courses to you for enterprise wide use.

Concrete Experience. Reflective Observation. Abstract Conceptualisation. Active Experimentation.

Interested? We'll get back to you to discuss your needs.

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