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A More Full-Featured Emacs company-mode Backend

Posted on Tue 04 November 2014 by Austin Bingham

In the first article in this series we looked at how to define the simplest company-mode backend. [1] This backend drew completion candidates from a predefined list of options, and allowed you to do completion in buffers in fundamental mode. The main purpose of that article was to introduce the …

Writing the Simplest Emacs company-mode Backend

Posted on Tue 09 September 2014 by Austin Bingham

In Emacs, company-mode (short for "complete anything") is a framework for performing completion in buffers. [1] It's an alternative to the popular auto-complete-mode. company-mode supports extension via backends which provide the framework with lists of possible completions in various contexts. So, for example, there's a backend th(at provides completion …

How to write Boost.Python type converters

Posted on Fri 25 April 2014 by Austin Bingham

Boost.Python [1] makes it possible to write C++ that "feels" like Python. The library is powerful and sometimes subtle. This is as compared with the Python C API, where the experience is very far removed from writing Python code.

Part of making C++ feel more like Python is allowing …