The Primacy of Testability

In this series we look at how software architects - or really anyone involved in creating software - can use testability to help manage other quality attributes. From modularity to performance to the SOLID principles, testability can act as a proxy and an enabler for many of the cross-cutting, interacting concerns that architects need to shepherd. Over several articles we'll explore testability's relationship to these qualities, and we'll see how paying attention to testability can help simplify the job of managing them.

The Primacy of Testability

Posted on Fri 02 May 2014 by Austin Bingham

The job of a software architect [1] is difficult, just like almost every role in software development. They have to keep track of many subtly interacting quality attributes, often on multiple projects, any one of which may be too big or evolving too quickly to meaningfully keep in mental cache …

The Primacy of Testability: Modularity

Posted on Wed 14 May 2014 by Austin Bingham

In the first post in this series I set the stage for a discussion of how testability can serve as a proxy or enabler for other, more directly desirable qualities in a software system. In this post I'd like to look at the first such quality, modularity.

Modularity is perhaps …